Foodie: Silk Cashew Milk review

The new non-dairy beverage from Silk, the innovators of the soy milk craze, is Cashew Milk. I have seen cashew milk in some of the more high end, foodie markets like Whole Foods but now Safeway is the first mainstream market to carry it.

My biggest concern is always with the taste. I drink almond milk on occasion and usually pass up soy milk when I see it, but I do love cashews so I was curious. I tried the unsweetened cashew milk and found it to have a light fresh taste and “definitely creamier” than skim milk. The taste was actually quite pleasant and very much similar to a skim/low fat milk and at only 25 calories for a cup it is pretty low calorie as well.

It is definitely a BUY if you are looking for a dairy alternative and would be good in your morning cereal. I think it would give a bit of richness in your coffee as well if you are looking to avoid the calories that come with milk. The Original Cashew Milk would definitely hold up in a head-to-head with your 2% milk.


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