Coming Soon: Longboard Stroller for the Skater Dad


At the park near my house, I see a lot of dads.  A lot of them are either carrying their kids or pushing them in a stoller, but sometimes I see the “cool dad” who lives in the complex there. “Cool dad” usually has his SPY optics sunglasses on and skating around the park while carrying his 3-year-old daughter.  As a skating-deficient dude, I am jealous. I, also, suck at rollerblading, rollerskating, ice skating, and skiing. Yeah.. there is a pattern there. Anywho, it looks like the wonderful people at Longboard Stroller may have come up with an option for us rolling-deficient parents in the Longboard Stroller. It is basically a cross between a stroller and longboard skateboard which reminds me a lot of a scooter.  Right now it appears to be in beta, but add them to your Facebook or subscribe to their newsletter to get the news for when this goes live.  This little bit of awesomeness just might make going to the park a little more fun.

Here is a fun video of the Longboard Stoller in action:

One thought on “Coming Soon: Longboard Stroller for the Skater Dad

  1. wow!!!! its a amazing skate board for the moms who having small kits and they put their kid in front of the skate and enjoy their skating also so i love this idea but i want to ask you that if any skate shoes are there from where i can easily get this type of skate….

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