Pocket Hose? Late Night Infomercial Magic

I love informercials and late-night commercials.  I grew up in the generation of Ronco and Billy Mays.  They are the PT Barnums of our time, selling us products that we don’t need such as food dehydrators to make jerky (who really does this) and tools for slicing and dicing 20 different ways. The latest of the must haves is the Pocket Hose.  It fits in your pocket and will “grow” when you add water and shrink back down when the water is turned off. Before I headed off to Walgreens to purchase the latest AS SEEN ON TV product, I did the wise thing and googled it first.  Sadly enough, the reviews have been less than stellar for the poor Pocket Hose.  From my research of Amazon, Target.com and Walgreens.com, it averaged a paltry 2-2.5 star review with complaints mostly about it leaking and breaking after a few uses.

I am a little heartbroken as a good hose is hard to find.

Here is a YouTube review from EpicReviewGuys in case you are still interested.

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