15 Fun iPad Apps for a 4-Year Old


1. Phone4kids – one of those multipurpose apps that has a bunch of easy, fun functions like a text-like window, telephone numbers with rings/dial tones, mini piano, drawing, and easy kid games. It makes a lot of noise and gives them a multi-gaming experience.

2. Good Night from Sprout (kids channel) – a neat nighttime app where you wash Star’s face and brush his teeth then help turn off the lights for bed. It teaches your young ones a nighttime routine.

3. Alphabet by Piikea Street – takes you through the alphabet using an interactive combination of the letter and a word that starts with the letter. For example, “R” has a picture of a robot and it moves around and talks as you click it.

4. See N Say – the digital version of the old “Cow says moo!” or “The dog says woof!” except this high tech version includes multiple videos of said animal in action around the farm.

5. Fancy Nancy Dress Up – Fancy Nancy is a series of books about a little girl who like to be fancy. Every girl needs at least one game where you can dress up the character in crazy different outfits.

6. Baby Apps by BlueOnionSoft – another multipurpose app that has a “phone”, notepad, piano, and flash cards of animals and food.

7. Easy Bake Oven – like the actual oven, you get to “bake” cookies, cakes and desserts and then decorate them. Unlike the Easy Bake Oven, this one is calorie free.

8. More Breakfast by Maverick Software – is a food app where you can “cook, fry, or bake” your breakfast. Silly app but helps teach your child to be curious about food and maybe open to trying new foods.

9. Nick Jr.’s A-Z with Moose and Zee – helps your child identify uppercase and lowercase letters in different scenes like the park or school. UPDATE: I guess Moose and Zee are no longer part of the channel so the app probably won’t see any new updates anytime soon.

10. Fish HD by Duck Duck Moose – is an alphabet app to teach your child their letters by using a school of fish to create and shape letters and numbers.

11. Clay Jam by Fat Pebble – is sort of a play dough game where kids have to guide a rolling ball of play dough. Not much thinking involved but has great graphics and is fun to play.

12. Reading Rainbow – much like the beloved show with Levar Burton this app tries to bring the fun of reading to kids. It will read the books to your child and has little videos from the original series to further enhance the experience. Only drawback is that it is subscription-based and the only way to get new books.

12. abc foods by Peapod Labs – great app to teach kids their letters by associating the letters with different foods, fruits and vegetables.

13. Letter School by Boreaal – is one of the better apps to teach kids how to write their letters in both uppercase and lowercase by tracing with their fingers.

14. Bugsy Pre-K by Peapod Labs – rewards your child with little toys in the game for solving math and letter puzzles. Easy to use and has a high fun factor. I originally saw this app mentioned in an article about apps for kids with autism. Not that my daughter is autistic but it seemed to have a high education value.

15. PBS Kids – all the PBS shows like Dinosaur Train, Super Why and Word Girl in one app. The shows are somewhat more educational than Disney Jr. or Nick Jr. channels.

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