Kitchen: Victorinox Chef’s Knife – my new fav knife

I spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen and have been pretty content with my Wusthof Santoku knife but it has seen sharper days.  A few months ago, I had gone to Ed’s Buzzard BBQ class, a 5-hour BBQ instruction on the finer points of meat and fire.  Ed was raving about how sharp his Victorinox knife was and could cut through any type of meat.  Keep in mind that Victorinox is best known for their Swiss Army Knives, so flash-forward a few months, as the thought of getting a new knife has been percolating in my brain, I finally decide to get the Victorinox 8-Inch Chef’s knife.  The knife itself has 4.5 stars and over 1,000 reviews! I am definitely not alone in liking this knife.  It cuts through meat and vegetables with smooth, sharp cuts and is awesome for dicing and filleting.

I highly recommend this knife for your every day needs. It is lighter and thinner than the Wusthof but I like that.  Definitely be careful as it is super sharp and is quick to draw blood if it slides over a finger or two.


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