Recipes: Easy Chicken Enchiladas using Rotisserie Chicken

I love to cook but sometimes it is nice to have an easy recipe that you can bang out quick with minimal destruction to the kitchen. As such, rotisserie chicken from the market makes these kind of tasks easier. One recipe I have found to be quick and tasty is from Chef John of He is a local caterer in the San Francisco area. I originally came across his site while looking for a French Toast recipe to make my wife for Valentines.

The recipe is fairly simple. Here are the ingredients:

1 rotisserie chicken
8 oz Monterey Jack cheese
8 oz cheddar cheese
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp salt
3 cups green enchilada sauce
10 corn tortillas
2 tbsp hot sauce

I have used rotisserie chicken from Safeway or Costco, but if you are looking for something fancier, I have used the smoked chicken from Whole Foods which adds a different layer of flavor to the recipe. Another switch is to use Pepper Jack instead of Monterey Jack cheese to give it some more spice. He likes sriracha as his hot sauce but I am more of a Cholula guy. I have also bought the fresh green salsa from Whole Foods but for time and easy storage I have been using Las Palmas Green Enchilada sauce.

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